Leonardo Escobar

My Story

Leonardo Escobar has explored different facets of the piano, including classical music, jazz, rock, and Colombian music, as well as music theory applied on the keyboard. He has been the recipient of several national and international awards including an award from the Colombia’s Minister of Culture and the Excellence Grant from the Faculty of Music of Université de Montréal. Leonardo had given over 50 performances including performances as a soloist with orchestra and symphonic band, solo piano recitals, chamber music and jazz in the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Peru, Brazil and Colombia. Leonardo has a master’s degree in Piano Pedagogy by the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and a master’s degree in Performance by the Université de Montréal. Since 2015, he is professor at School of Music of the Universidad Sergio Arboleda. 

About My Course

Leonardo offers classes in English, French and Spanish, so, you could also ahve the opportunity to practice a new language at the same time you learn piano! Leonardo’s piano classes are based in the usage of the whole body and body relaxation. In addition, students will learn music theory little by little, which will facilitate the playing. So, students can enjoy more while getting the necessary fundamental basic training, which will make playing easier. The easier things are the more fun they will be!